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Pet Valu

Pet Valu

Pet Valu

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We’ll help you navigate through the maze of foods available for your pet, teach you how to read the ingredient panel and find a food that you and your pet will feel good about. Maybe it’s a grain-free formulation. Or, a varied rotational diet could be the perfect solution.

Our experts will help you determine if your allergy-prone pet would benefit from a single source protein diet or a vegetarian recipe. Have a finicky cat? We’ll help you find the food he’ll find irresistible. Wondering about ‘raw’? Our pet experts have the answers you need. We also provide a holistic approach to issues – we’re your solution experts. For example, winter weather can cause dry and irritated skin is a problem for many pets. We’ll not only show you the foods that are packed with omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, we’ll also help you select the right soothing and moisturizing shampoo, additional supplements or ointments – and even a coat and boots to keep the chill away.

In the summer, we’ll help you keep fleas at bay in their peak season and show you ways to keep your pets hydrated in a heat wave. Housebreaking accident? Dry, cracked paw pads? Hip and joint pain exacerbated by colder temperatures? An aggressive chewer? Feather plucking? Not using the litter box? Bad breath? We’ll show you the solutions – safe and effective products, shampoos, skin treatments, supplements, dental products, healthy chews, challenging toys, training treats and more.

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