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Beer Store

Beer Store

Beer Store

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Monday - Saturday: 10am - 9pm
Sunday: 11am - 6pm
(905) 451-2721
Unit F

The Beer Store was established in 1927, which means we’ve been around longer than the Internet, and television. The Beer Store is a pop culture icon. We played a cameo role in the Canadian film, “Strange Brew”, featuring the McKenzie Brothers of SCTV fame.

Here's something for the number crunchers to chew on: We operate 450 retail stores, serve 20,723 licensed customers, 650 government-owned LCBO retail locations, 141 Retail Partners, and 71 Northern Agents. As a customer, you can choose from more than 640 beer brands, in 450 retail stores, from 136 brewers around the world.

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