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Slaying the Seasonal Shift: Your Guide to Fall to Winter Transitional Fashion

Slaying the Seasonal Shift: Your Guide to Fall to Winter Transitional Fashion

Slaying the Seasonal Shift: Your Guide to Fall to Winter Transitional Fashion

As we approach the time when fall turns to winter, it can be hard to determine how to dress. How do you layer? What can you wear to remain stylish but warm at the same time? Today we are going to discuss our favorite ways to dress for that fall to winter transition period.


1)Always Choose Layers

One of the best ways to stay comfortable during seasonal transitions is with appropriate layers. Maybe the afternoon is a bit warmer, but you know the evenings will be chilly. Wear your favorite denim with a light sweater and bring your favorite leather jacket or peacoat with you. When you have multiple layers, you can adjust as needed.


2) Incorporate Your Winter Wear with Your Warm Weather Pieces

A great way to prepare for the colder months is to take your favorite warm weather pieces and layer chunky sweaters and coats over it. Maybe you have a slip dress you wore all summer and don’t want to put away for the year. Layer a turtleneck over it and a great pair of booties. You will look chic and still remain warm no matter what the weather brings. You can also layer a chunky sweater over a white button down with denim and loafers for a look that will feel put together, but give you plenty of options to add or remove layers depending on the weather.


3) Swap Tights for Leggings

If you have a few dresses that you wore tights with all summer, then it is the perfect time to bring out a thicker pair of leggings. Any outfit where you might need an extra bit of warmth is perfect for wearing with tights including dresses, skirts, and even long sweaters.


4) Accessorize Away

The colder months can leave you feeling a little frumpy when you are constantly having to add layers so be sure to throw in your favorite accessories. If you are wearing a dress with a sweater, pull out your favorite belt to finish off the look or add some chunky earrings if you want to have some fun with your outfit.


These tips are the perfect way to prepare for the transitional from mild fall weather to the colder winter months. Transitional periods can be tough, but you can still put together outfits that will make you feel your best while looking stylish!

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